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Action: send payment

With this action, you can send payments to the specified cryptocurrency address provided by the user or directly to their VisualMaker wallet without fees.

You must have sufficient funds in your VisualMaker wallet to make payments and cover the fees. Also, remember that each cryptocurrency has a minimum send amount (unless sent to the VisualMaker wallet), so make sure to check the minimums before sending any funds.

Optionally, when a payment is processed, the action set in Execute action will be executed. It's recommended that the action be of type Receive parameters since payment-related data will be sent as parameters.

To obtain payment data in the Receive parameters action:

  • Amount sent: #ID.param1#
  • Amount sent in USD: #ID.param2#
  • Fee charged: #ID.param3#
  • Currency used: #ID.param4#
  • Network used: #ID.param5#
  • User ID: #ID.param6#
  • TXID: #ID.param7#

Options of the action:

  • Set currency: The currency from which the payment will be sent, must be one of the currencies available in the VisualMaker wallet.
  • Set amount: The amount of cryptocurrency to send. You can use expressions, variables, and IDs of previous actions to dynamically set the amount to send.
  • Set recipient: The wallet address to which to send the payment. If you want to send internally to another user's VisualMaker wallet without fees and without a minimum, provide their Telegram @username, their Telegram link (, or their Telegram user ID. You can use expressions, variables, and IDs of previous actions to dynamically set recipients.
  • Execute action: The #ID# of the action that will be executed when the sent payment is processed. It must be within the same button or command, preferably isolated by a separator. The action will only be executed if the payment is normal; if it's internal, there's no need to execute it as the payment is sent immediately.

What does the action return through its ID?

This action does not return anything.


External withdrawals (via the crypto network) are automatic but may take several minutes to be processed, depending on the speed of the corresponding crypto network. Fees will be applied according to the crypto network and your subscribed plan.

Internal withdrawals (through VisualMaker's internal network) are instant and fee-free. It's possible to send funds even if the user hasn't initiated the VisualMaker bot yet; once they do, their funds will be there.

Everything withdrawn through any of the methods will always be deducted from your VisualMaker wallet, and you must have sufficient balance to cover the sending expenses and fees.