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Action: receive payment

With this action, you can generate a deposit address in the chosen cryptocurrency, which you can then show to the user.

You can receive payments through the crypto network or through VisualMaker's own network without fees, also known as internal deposit.

All funds sent to the generated address (crypto network) or link (internal deposit) will be credited to your VisualMaker wallet, and the action set in Execute action will be executed.

It is recommended that the action set in Execute action be of type Receive parameters and isolated by a separator, as payment-related data such as the amount sent, the used currency, etc., will be sent as parameters.

To obtain payment data in the Receive parameters action:

  • Amount sent: #ID.param1#
  • Amount credited: #ID.param2#
  • Amount credited in USD: #ID.param3#
  • Fee charged: #ID.param4#
  • Currency used: #ID.param5#
  • Network used: #ID.param6#
  • User ID: #ID.param7#
  • TXID: #ID.param8#

Options of the action:

  • Set currency: The currency for which a deposit address will be generated, must be one of the currencies available in the VisualMaker wallet.
  • Execute action: The #ID# of the action that will be executed when a payment is received, must be within the same button or command, preferably isolated by a separator.

What does the action return through its ID?

For a normal payment, through the crypto network, you can obtain the generated address through #IDAction.address#, and you can also obtain the QR code through #IDAction.qr#.

If you want the user to send you an internal transfer, without fees, through their VisualMaker wallet, you can obtain the link for it through, send the link to the user, and they can pay you from their wallet instantly and without fees.

You can also obtain the currency and the network used through #IDAction.currency# and, respectively.


External addresses generated (through the crypto network) never expire. Any amount can be deposited to the same address multiple times. Deposits are automatic but may take several minutes to be credited, depending on the speed of the corresponding crypto network. Fees will be applied according to your subscribed plan.

Links generated (through VisualMaker's internal network) have a lifespan of 90 days from the moment they were created. The same link can be used as many times as required, and any amount can be deposited. Deposits are instant and fee-free.

Everything deposited through any of the methods will always be credited to your VisualMaker wallet.