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Action: execute button

With this action, you can execute any other button or command of the bot without having to directly press it, regardless of whether it's hidden or not. When doing so, the remaining actions of the current button will not be executed unless the execution is scheduled.

Additionally, you can pass parameters. To receive them, use the Receive Parameters action in the executed button or command.

You can also schedule the execution to occur in the future, either as a countdown from the moment when the action is executed or on a specific date.

Options of the action:

  • Set button: Button or command to execute; it must exist in the bot. If it's a command, it should start with / or !.
  • Parameters (optional): The parameters to pass to the button or command, separated by a space. They can be text, numbers, or dates. If it's text or a date, it must be enclosed in quotes.
  • Schedule execution (optional): Schedule the execution to occur in the future, configurable by seconds, minutes, hours, or days, or on a specific date.

What does the action return through its ID?

Only if execution was scheduled: Access the ID of the scheduled execution through #IDAction.cancel_id#, in case you need to cancel the task before its execution.


If you don't have the cancellation ID of the scheduled execution, it won't be possible to cancel it.