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Action: create chat link

Create a customized link to join a channel or group. You can set parameters such as the expiration date of the link, the number of members allowed to join through that link, among others.

For this action to work, your bot must be an administrator of the target channel or group with the "invite with link" permission.

Options of the action:

  • Channel or group: The @username or ID of the channel or group to create the link for.
  • Name (optional): A name for the link, so you can recognize it later.
  • Expiration (optional): The expiration date of the link in the format DD-MM-YYYY HH:MM:SS (HH:MM:SS is optional). By default, links do not expire.
  • Member limit (optional): The maximum number of members to join through the created link, must be an integer between 1 and 99999. If not specified, there is no limit.
  • Request to join (optional): Whether users joining through the link need to be approved by channel or group administrators. If enabled, the member limit cannot be set.

What does the action return via its ID?

Access the created link through