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Action: broadcast

Send broadcast messages to all users of the bot based on certain conditions specified by you.

You can send a different message to each user based on specific conditions, such as language. The number of messages you can create per broadcast depends on your subscribed plan.

Conditions will be evaluated from top to bottom. The first message that meets the condition for the current user will be the one sent. If no condition is met, no message will be sent to that user, and the next user will be evaluated.


This action consumes 5 executions, and when executed, all subsequent actions will be canceled.

This action consumes broadcast resources, which renew monthly. They can be increased by upgrading your subscription in VisualMaker, or by purchasing packages for a specific bot, which do not expire. To do this, go to VisualMaker ➡️ 🖥 Bots ➡️ 📜 My Bots, select your bot, then choose 📦 Extra packages, and finally select Broadcast 📧.

The speed at which the broadcast is sent also depends on your subscribed plan.

To cancel an active broadcast, send /stop_broadcast.

Options of the action:

  • View messages: View, add, and edit broadcast messages to be sent based on specific conditions. Conditions must be in expression format.
  • Users (optional): The number of random users who will receive the broadcast message(s). If no quantity is specified, all users of the bot will receive them. You can use expressions, variables, and IDs of previous actions to dynamically set the number of users.

What does the action return through its ID?

This action does not return anything.