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Action: send message

This action sends a message to the user who executes this action or to any other user who has started the bot, as well as to channels and groups.

Customize the message with all the options Telegram allows: you can display advanced keyboards, both normal and inline, show or hide link previews, protect the message from being forwarded or copied, among more options.

The message can be text, photo, video, audio, or any type of file and document. It can also be a combination of text and multimedia. It's also possible to send multimedia elements stored in variables and combine them (or not) with text. If you send a multimedia variable along with text, the multimedia will be sent, and the text will become its caption. If you send multiple multimedia variables of the same type at once, they will all be combined into a single message. If they are of different types or do not support multimedia grouping, they will be sent in multiple messages. Similarly, if you send text along with a multimedia group, the text will become the caption of the message.

You can also send a dice by setting the dice emoji or any dice type emoji. You can get the result of the dice through #ActionID.dice#.

Options of the action:

  • Set message | Edit message: Sets a new message to send or modifies it.
  • Delete message: Deletes a previously saved message.
  • Send to someone else: Sends the message to another user of the bot, or to a group or channel.
  • Display Keyboard: Displays a keyboard when sending that message; this keyboard is different from the bot's main keyboard. You can create normal and floating (inline) keyboards.
  • Reply to message: The message will be a reply to another message. Set the message to reply to using its #ID#.
  • Format: Option only visible during editing. Displays the text with and without formatting, meaning it will be shown with or without expressions, HTML, etc.
  • Web preview: Shows a preview of the link included in the message.
  • Forwarded: Displays the message as forwarded. Option only available when the message is a forwarded message and when it does not have a keyboard.
  • Protect message: Prevents the message from being copied or forwarded, and also prevents the screen from being recorded.
  • Delete keyboard: Deletes the normal keyboard that existed before sending this message.
  • Send silently: Sends the message without sound.

What does the action return through its ID?

This action returns the message_id of the sent message, which is useful for editing or deleting that message in the future. Access it through #ActionID.message_id#.

It also returns the result of the dice, only if the set message is a dice type emoji. Access it through #ActionID.dice#.