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Action: jump to action

Use this action to execute any other action from the current button or command by its ID, regardless of its position.

You can also schedule the execution to occur in the future, either as a countdown from the moment when the action is executed or on a specific date.

Options of the action:

  • Set action: The action to jump to, it can be at any position within the current button or command. Additionally, you can specify what will happen after the action is executed, whether to continue to the next action or stop and not continue executing the remaining actions. You can use expressions to dynamically jump to other actions.
  • Schedule execution (optional): Schedule the execution to occur in the future, configurable by seconds, minutes, hours, or days, or on a specific date.

What does the action return through its ID?

Only if execution was scheduled: Access the ID of the scheduled execution through #IDAction.cancel_id#, in case you need to cancel the task before its execution.


If you don't have the cancellation ID of the scheduled execution, it won't be possible to cancel it.