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Action: receive parameters

With this action, you can receive parameters sent through bot commands (and sometimes through buttons) and do whatever you want with them. You don't need to configure it; just by adding it and activating it it's already active.

Let's say you create a command called /ban and send parameters like the user ID (number) and a message (text):

/ban 123456789 "You have been banned"

You can access the parameters from the ID of this action, followed by .param(parameter position), for example:

#ActionID.param1# (contains the user ID)

#ActionID.param2# (contains the message)

You can then use this data in all subsequent actions. Additionally, you can pass as many parameters as you want and access them with param(position).

Each data type must be respected; for example, numbers and booleans are written as they are, but text and dates must be enclosed in quotes.

Options of the action:

This action has no options.

What does the action return through its ID?

It returns the parameters passed to the button or command.