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Action: edit message

With this action, you can edit the text of a previously sent message using the Send message action.

You can also edit only the inline keyboard and leave the text unchanged. To do this, do not set any message and only display the new keyboard.

Messages previously sent within the current button or command can only be edited unless the message_id of the Send message action is saved in a variable or manually entered.

Options of the action:

  • Set message ID to edit: ID of the Send message action from which you want to edit the message.
  • Set new message: New message that will replace the message sent with the Send message action.
  • Delete message: Deletes a previously saved message.
  • Deploy inline keyboard: Deploy an inline keyboard when editing the message.
  • Web preview: Shows a preview of the link included in the message.

What does the action return through its ID?

This action does not return anything. If you want to edit the action again, you can do so through the message_id of the original Send message action.