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Button and command options

Selecting the button or command

  • For a button: enter 🛠 Edit and select the button by tapping on it. It will be surrounded by < >.

  • For a command: enter 🛠 Edit and select the command by sending it.

When selecting the button or command, a menu with various options will be displayed, which are explained in detail below.

Move a button (⬆️⬇️➡️⬅️)

To move a button through the menu, press the directional arrow in the desired direction.

This option is only available for buttons since commands, being invisible, do not need to be moved.

Rename button or command (✏️)

Tap on the pencil icon (✏️), and then on ✏️ Edit name ✏️ to rename a button or command.


Each button or command can have a button name and a command at the same time. If one of the two already existed, it will be replaced by the new name. VisualMaker will automatically detect if you are trying to save a button name or a command.

Add or remove aliases (✏️)

Within the renaming menu (✏️) itself, there are 2 more options, which are 🏷 Add alias 🏷, and if one or more aliases exist, ❌ Remove alias ❌ will also be displayed.


Aliases are additional ways to call the same button or command. This is useful, for example, for creating multilingual bots. The number of available aliases depends on your Subscribed Plan.

Copy and cut (📄✂️)

With the copy button (📄), you can make an exact copy of a button, or move it to another menu with the cut button (✂️).

Set a message (💬)

With the 💬 Message button, you can set a response message that will be sent to the user when pressing the button, or sending the command, or sending one of its aliases.

Set actions (🌟)

Actions allow you to add almost any functionality to your buttons and commands; we have a complete section dedicated to it.

With this option, you can change the size of the internal menu of the selected button or command. It can be a small menu or a large menu, but typically a small menu is used.

Show | Hide (👁)

Choose whether you want your button or command to be visible to bot users. You and the other administrators, if any, will still be able to see it.

Allow in groups (👥)

Change whether you want your button or command to be usable in groups or not.

Stop editor

To exit the editor and use your buttons as a normal user would, press the 💢 Stop editor button.