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What are API keys?

Before you start creating your bots, you need to obtain your API keys through the official Telegram website. It's a simple step that you only need to do once. With these keys, VisualMaker will be able to establish a connection with Telegram servers and make your bots work quickly and efficiently, in addition to providing you with the most advanced functionalities that are not available in the conventional Telegram API.

Obtaining the API keys

  1. Within the VisualMaker bot, click on the ⚙️ Settings button, and then on 🔐 Telegram API Keys 🔐. It will wait for you to send something.
  2. Then go to and sign in with your phone number.
  3. Go to API development tools and fill out the form. The mandatory fields are App title and Short name. You can leave the rest blank if you're not sure what to put.
  4. Copy your api_id.
  5. Minimize the page, return to the VisualMaker bot and send your api_id.
  6. It will wait again. Go back to the keys page and copy your api_hash.
  7. Return once more to the VisualMaker bot and send your api_hash.

Your API keys are private. Do not share them with anyone.

That's all! With your keys saved, now we can start creating bots in the next step.